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So far it's been 3 years of constant travelling, working in whatever country i Land in. I am constant traveler who loves Food as his best companion. You can follow me around the world on my blog and respond to everything I do and say.
Life is too short so lets live it up a bit and try and travel.

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Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


January 2011

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    which coach is the most convenient and also reasonably cheap to travel from KL to SG?

    You are better off flying, as it is actually cheaper and faster than a coach, I have done it a few times and the prices for the coach are crazy expensive over 9 years ago

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    Whats the best budget Hotel in KL?

    Hi, Yea Tune is ok but you have to pay for every little thing you use. A new Hotel in Bukit Bintang which is in the Golden Triangle is Apple Hotel., Its new and i have just read a blog on it in so feel free to read it. I think it is cheaper and also very new & Clean about 10 years ago

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    How can I get from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca?

    Why do all the idiots always go, try the lonely planet guide jeepers and annoying. Mate, just look on Google, it's not difficult, get to KLSentral and you can get a bus to Malacca and they go every so often as well. Lonely Planet reviewed a city in Thailandd with 2 sentences. Me and me mates thought it was well worth a lot more than that as the food was freakin amazing ..hope u get there and its around RM30 max about 10 years ago