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Long-time expat.
Originally from Sardinia, Italy, have lived in Milan - Italy, Los Angeles - CA, Copenhagen - Denmark, New York - NY and now Zurich - Switzerland.
Freelance translator, blogger at Globetrotting In Heels, aspiring writer.

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Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland


October 2010

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    Some highlights of Zurich?

    "If you like museums, go to Basel"?? I think Zurich has the most well-rounded art scene in Switzerland - not just museums, but galleries, shows, and performance art - not to mention all the gorgeous churches and buildings you can see in the old town. I don't want to diss Basel, but if you are visiting oneONE place in Switzerland, it should be Zurich, and probably Bern would be next up. To answer your question, Tanya:The best place to start exploring Zurich is all around the Zurich lake. The old town is just a skip and a hop from the main station, and a large section of it is "wrapped" around one end of the lake - so you will enjoy antique buildings and lovely views. The most popular attractions in Zurich are: - the Grossmünster church - the Marc Chagall windows in the Fraumünster, on the other side of the river - the Guild Houses (Zünfte) all around the Niederdorf section of the old town - the Zurich Museum of Art (Kunsthaus), recently praised by a NYTimes critic, who wrote:"the Kunsthaus, just over a small hill from the right-bank section of the Old Town, is a world-class art museum of unusual serenity. Because Zurich does not draw outlandish numbers of tourists, this beautifully laid out museum, with a luxurious collection of 19th-century and early 20th-century European work, makes for a refreshing change from the epic throngs teeming through the galleries in most European capitals." (ref: http://tinyurl.com/34kjulx) - the Uetliberg, the local mountain. You can reach the top by train (or hiking) from where you can see all of Zurich I personally love all of the old town, the University (which includes a large terrace that offers a nice view) and the area around the lake the most. I recently posted on my blog about a section of the old town, you can find that post here: http://www.theunlikelyhousewife.com/2010/07/exploring-zurich-the-niederdorf/ I hope it helps. over 10 years ago