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September 2009

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    Good value restaurants in Hobart CBD

    Mezethes - Greek (Salamanca Square) Really good food for price and usually a lot of fun. Segreto - Italian (North Hobart) Excellent pizza and pasta on the main North Hobart strip. Paesano - Italian (West Hobart) Very small little restaurant and a little more hidden for visitors, but cheap cab ride and good food. about 10 years ago

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    Where to stay and what to do in Florence on Christmas Eve & Day?

    We weren't there at Christmas, so I can't comment on that in particular. However, if you want to go to the museums, book in advance - best decision we made. The queues to get into the Florence museums are crazy long (even in off season), but if you pre-book online there is a separate queue for each that is MUCH shorter. I can't remember the exact site we used, but I just did a search and found this one: almost 10 years ago

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    Suggestions for mid-price restaurants in Melbourne CBD: especially those with nice seafood options.

    If you enjoy Japanese food I recommend Kuni's ( Great little restaurant, reasonably priced and excellent food. It's in the upper end of China town (56 Little Bourke Street). about 10 years ago