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Corinne Hamilton

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I love trees, lighthouses, being on the water, all things paper, photography and Adamson's Peak.

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Australia Hobart, Australia


February 2009

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    Best bushwalking destinations?

    I recently did the Cape Pillar walk on the Tasman Peninsula. We did it as an overnighter, but you could do it as a long day walk if you were keen, although its nice to have time to enjoy the spectacular views over Tasman Island. I agree with Courtney, the Walls of Jerusalem are also very impressive. You can't go too wrong picking a walking spot in Tassie! almost 12 years ago

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    What are the best places to visit in Eastern Europe?

    Thanks rokambur. We have actually decided on Bulgaria so I'm pleased you suggested it. Do you have any tips/suggestions/highlights while there? almost 12 years ago

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    What is worth seeing and doing while traveling in Malaysia for a 2 weeks?

    If you are willing to leave the mainland Borneo is fantastic. Most of the tourism is focussed on Sabah, but we preferred Sarawak, especially Kuching. Yes alcohol is expensive, it is a muslim country, but everything else is very cheap and travelling around is fairly easy. The people are very helpful and friendly. almost 12 years ago