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February 2009

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    Good areas in London to go out for drinks with friends?

    I really enjoyed all the area around Covent Garden and Leicester Square, especially during summer. It's nice to spend the evening just walking around the streets and get in a pub it looks cool to you from the outside. almost 12 years ago

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    Where are the best places to visit in Italy on a budget and when is the best time to visit?

    Rome is one of the most beautiful italian and european city. You can't miss it if you go to Italy. Not so distant there are Florence and Naples, beautiful city as well. These cities aren't so cheap but it sure is worth it. Summer can be pretty hot and and crowded. I'd suggest to go in springtime. Italy is also full of old little towns, very nice and unexpensive to visit. i think renting a car and sleeping every night in a different place would be a good way to see a lot of nice and almost unknown places. over 11 years ago

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    Is Verona worth a day trip from Venice?

    If you're in Venice seeking romance you wouldn't miss Verona. It's a very romantic city, with a beautiful city centre. As said, if you visit the city in summer you can get to see the world famous Verdi's "Aida" at Arena di Verona (booking is strongly recommended). That's a very exciting experience: a masterpiece of classical music hosted in a stunning venue. almost 12 years ago