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February 2009

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    best bungee jump?

    This is an easy question!! If you want to skip all my babble just skip to last paragraph! If your pretty pumped for a bungy (note the spelling=D) and think you will actually be able to jump off when your up there you have a couple of options. Queenstown offers 3 AJ Hackett bungy's; Kawarau 43m. Normal strap in ankle jump. The prettiest one in south island. The Ledge 47m. This one your strapped around your waste. this means that you can run off the platform and do flips etc. Also off the same platform overs a swing. This is literally a jump and then you swing like your back in the playground. Nevis 134m. I did this one! Largest in the sourthern heisphere, 3rd largest in the world, 2nd equal free fall and most importantly no deaths to date!! The trip up the mountain is scary, the little trolly over to the pod is scary and then jumping again, SCARY. The entire trip is intense but totally worth it. (This one also offers a Nevis Arc, same as the ledge swing but it's the biggest in the world!) So I think if you want a traditional bungy then go the Nevis, it truly is awesome and unique. almost 12 years ago

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    Where are some fun places to go on weeknights?

    Hey I went on a tour in January and we were in a place called Murphy's Bar or something. It was a Monday and with Music and a few people but the tour were the real drinkers of the night. Its def not the major party town of NZ tho almost 12 years ago