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February 2009

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    If visiting for three days what are the essential things to see/do?

    Hong Kong is an awesome city - I was really impressed by the skyline, the architecture of the city - modern skyscrapers, lots of glass and you walk around the corner and you are in front of a small temple. I enjoyed walking around the city soaking up the atmosphere and life of the city. Things to do could be: Taking the tram on Hong Kong Island - there is one line which does more or less a tour all around there. so you get a sort of sight seeing tour of Hong Kong Island Taking the cable car up to Victoria Peak - the view over the harbor and the city is amazing! If you want to spend a quiet day and enjoy some really good sea food take the ferry to Lamma Island (30 minutes). It's a small island, no cars at all, but therefore a beach, banana trees and some really good restaurants! There is even a hostel there! Nathan Road/Monkok is great at night - typical chinese night market with some interesting culinary experiences and you can buy all kind of souvenirs at reasonable prices. One of the most spectacular views over the city at night you get probably from the bar "Felix" on top of the Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon. And visit the bathroom there - it's worth it, believe me! over 11 years ago

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    Has anyone been to the great wall of china?

    While I lived in Beijing I went to the Great Wall several times and to three different spots. The most common, because best restored and therefore really touristy part is Badaling. It is easy to get there from Beijing, because a lot of agencies are offering day trips, but i wouldn't recommend that part. Better, because less touristy, is Mutianyu. But from my point of view the best part is Simatai - not restored at all, beautiful landscape and not many tourists at all! we just hired a taxi driver for a day, which was 400 RMB and he went there with us and waited on the parking space until we finished hiking on the Great Wall. That was perfect and it's a nice day trip from Beijing! For some more information check out this website: Hope it helps! over 11 years ago

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    Best sight seeing activities for a day?

    Once you are in Cologne you definitely have to visit the Cathedral (in German: Dom zu Koeln) - go inside and climb up the 509 stairs to the top of one of the towers and enjoy the great view from the top! Then walk through the old part of the city and along the Rhine river. In summer do a Rhine cruise and hop off at "Rheinaushafen" and walk around this area, which used to be an habour and is now becoming the "posh" area in Cologne with a great mixture of old and modern architecture. When you are around in summer, you should definitely visit the "Flora" - the botanical garden of Cologne, which is really beautiful. If you are into art, check out the Museum Ludwig right next to the Cathedral, where you can see a collection of 1960s Pop Art, German expressionism as well as Photography. If you are into (German) history visit the EL-DE Haus, which documents Cologne's Nazi era. But be aware that all museums in Cologne are closed on mondays! In the evening you should check out the Zuelpicher Strasse - the student area - with a lot of nice (cocktail) bars and small clubs or Friesenstrasse. almost 12 years ago