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Inbound tour operator in Argentina & Brazil that has been in the market for over 30 years
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October 2012

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    Where is the best Forró in Rio?

    You might find a extremely local experience in Festa dos Paraibas in Sao Cristovao every sunday Hope it is useful for you. If you need anythign while in South America, dont hesitate to contact us in about 7 years ago

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    Do I need to take malaria tablets when I stay at the Refugio Amazonas

    We suggest to take the medicine, specially yellow fever In the other side, if you consider going to the Brazilian Amazon, there is not required. Besides, I have just returned from Manaus on Sunday and stayed in the MV Desafio Cruise and it was fantastic. Don't forget that the Amazon River starts after the Solimoes and Black river merges. If you have any doubt dont hesitate to contact me almost 7 years ago

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    Travel Agent for Brazil

    Hello Datla, we are a inbound tour operator and was looking aroung this website, saw your comment and I am sure we can help you, as we have offices in Argentina and Brazil. Feel free to email your request to it will be easy to make that, and sure you will have a great time. Let me know what kind of hotel you want also???? Sincerely, about 7 years ago