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    Can anyone suggest a good route of Laos to take in only 12 days?

    Nice rundown Ian C. I'd add booking a boat in Luang Prabang and heading up the Mekong and then the Nam Ou to Nong Khiaw. It's definitely worth the trip and one of our favorites on the whole trip. We did it in 2009 as well - during that time it was "relatively" untraveled but easy to navigate the bookings and guesthouses. You'll tour the Pak Ou caves (abandoned Buddist statues) then keep heading north. In Nong Khiaw you can do daily self-led treks or book a tour further up river. It's wonderful all around. Let me know if I can help further. almost 9 years ago

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    What is the cheapest way/who is the best company to climb Mt Kilimanjaro?

    Tommo, My wife and did a 7 day budget Kilimanjaro climb with Paul Robert Shayo's company last year and I thought I'd give you some insights. We researched a BUNCH of budget operators and got references from a number of past hikers. We settled on Paul's company. The Kilimanjaro trek with Paul was fantastic and all 3 of us did summit the peak. Shani, our guide, had good english skills and is very knowledgeable about the mountain. We did the 7 day Lemosho route (which I highly recommend as well) and don't have any complaints about the service considering we knew it was a budget trip from the start. The tents were a little older and we had to use the outdoor latrines but the food was great and we were well taken care of throughout the trip. The trip cost us $1200 each and that included everything. We stayed at the Golden View Hotel prior to starting the trip. I cannot recommend it - the rooms were sufficient but the street noise was unbearable. A couple of thoughts: 1.) Check the sleeping bag before you start the climb. My wife had a 3 season bag that was in good condition (this is the one I checked prior to starting) but the first night on the mountain I realized too late that mine was a 2 season bag. I don't blame Paul for this - I should have checked it myself. 2.) Bring snacks like candy bars, trail mix, etc. We took 20 bars between the two of us and came off Kili with maybe 5 left. Paul's team fed us very well during the climb but it's nice to subsidize the lunch with some afternoon snacks to get you through the day. 3.) Summit night: Bring at least 3 pairs of gloves and/or glove liners. You start at 12:45am and will sweat the first hour of the climb. About 3am, the wind will hit and the sweat in your gloves will freeze. We froze. It would have been nice to have another set of gloves on us that were dry. 4.) Bring a plastic Nalgene bottle with you. It's nice to have boiled water put in it just before you get in your bag for the night. It definitely offsets the cold evenings. PAUL ROBERT SHAYO TOUR GUIDE AND ORGANISER TREKKING TOUR KILIMANJARO COMPANY P.O BOX 8744 MOSHI-KILIMANJARO TANZANIA almost 9 years ago

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    What are some good things to do/see in Ho Chi Minh City?

    Rent a Honda Dream and just go. The American War Crimes Museum is something everyone should see - especially Americans (of which, I am one). Cu Chi isn't too far out of town and it's definitely worth the ride north. If you take a tour, you'll miss so much. Rent the bike - it's totally worth it. over 8 years ago