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October 2017

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    Help regarding Vaccines

    Get them before you leave for Australia. It is better to have them than to not have them. The oral typhoid lasts 5 years. Hep A&B last a lifetime unless you're in healthcare and your titers are low. The only thing that you get more often is tetanus, which is every ten years unless you have a bite, burn or injury and if the vaccine is more than 5 years old you get a booster. I waited to get my vaccines because I was so busy and was only able to get the first Hep A the second dose is after 6 months. Hep B is a series of three. So it is really best to get them sooner than later. Do you have a travel clinic in your area? They are wonderful with getting everything you need. You usually pay out of pocket for it but it is their expertise. about 3 years ago