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August 2017

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    I am traveling to Scotland in Sept./Oct. (Iona). What sort of clothing to bring?

    A half-dozen holidays all over the UK (and, other holidays in other countries) has shown me that a lightweight, water-repellant poncho is the best. . .#1) get one that folds up to a relatively small size; 2) BRIGHT color . . as a "safety" during walkabout; and, easily spotted by a companion; AND #3) it will also protect against pickpockets; and, cover everything you're carrying . . .You will probably need an umbrella, however, I recommend you buying that "over there". . .People of other countries tend to be "experts" on umbrellas! And, you can give your umbrella to "someone" when you leave the country (or, bring ii home with you. . .I am still using an umbrella that I purchased in 1973. . It just happens to be red & white, the colors of my alma mater, Wisconsin. . .Go Badgers!) I also recommend buying sweaters in Scotland. . .they have the BEST! And, you can wear them under your poncho! over 3 years ago