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July 2017

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    Peru -- Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu

    We have just returned from Peru. As of July 1st they have changed the requirements for entry into MP and now everyone must enter in one of two waves. The first is from around 6 am to noon and the second is from around noon to 430. They do not actually rush anyone out at noon, but they do have circuits in place (three of them) that you must follow. If you get off the path or try to go the other way on a one way path they will whistle at you and call you back. There are guides waiting at the bottom offering tours for around 30 soles and guides at the entrance offering the same. You can go in without a guide, you just have to stick to the circuit. You can also exit at least once and come back in if you want to do a different circuit. As for booking in advance, there were several people I met at the hostel that bought tickets the night before and the morning of. However, if you want to climb either MontaƱa or Huayna Picchu you should book in advance because they only allow 200 people up a day and those tickets do sell out more often than not. In Cusco you can get a free walking tour of the city, they do survive on tips, that is well worth the two hours. We picked ours up in the Plaza de Armas. In the plaza there are several different tour companies and you can haggle with them over prices a bit for Sacred Valley and Cusco tours. We booked our Sacred Valley tour on Thursday night and went Friday morning. over 3 years ago