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May 2017

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    Do you have any safe suggestions for visit Guatemala?

    I second Pearse's advice. I would use tourist shuttles such as ATITRANS most of the time, plan Antigua as my base and on Lake Atitlan, I recommend San Lucas Toliman and other less touristy towns that are calm and you'll avoid the harassment. If you're planning on climbing volcanoes, always go with a guide. I recommend the San Pedro for a challenging but not terribly hard climb (make sure to leave very early or spend the night to reach the summit before noon. Otherwise it can be cloudy. I highly recommend Toliman or Atitlan for the view, even though the climb is harder. Also better to spend te night to make sure you can see the view without being in the middle of a cloud. Have fun! Guatemala is amazing in so many ways! over 3 years ago