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May 2017

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    Are there any specific concerns being female traveling to Morocco? What should I be conscious of?

    My spouse and I were there in Feb 2017 and we didn't have any problems in the main areas. We weren't out late. The was some cat-calling and comments made about me here and there, but not nearly as bad as some other predominantly Islamic countries I've visit. In the main shopping area was better. It started raining as we left a hammum and we were a little lost. As we were going from awning to awning a couple of younger men in a jewelry shop invited us in out of the rain. They offered tea and we had a smoke waiting for the shower to pass. They offered to show us how to wrap a turban. I'm 6 foot tall and he was maybe 5'5" so he was leaning up against me really close. As he was almost finished wrapping the turban on my head he pulled my head down and tried to kiss me as he started convulsing as he was getting off. I pushed him away from me. We stuck to the more main areas for the rest of the trip. I loved our time there and the rest of our trip was completely amazing. I would love to go back on an extended trip, but I'll be staying away from that area of the medina. over 3 years ago