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April 2017

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    Is Medellin, Columbia a safe and is it a good place to visit?

    Medellin, the city of eternal spring. How could you not ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I first arrived to Colombia, a 23 year old, non spanish speaking backpacker. Four year later and I'm still here! I love this city. The people are friendly, the views are beautiful, the nightlife is on point and the Spanish Programs are great and in Poblado ( the tourist neighbourhood) , you really don't need Spanish. But I'm also not going to pretend that its a walk in the park. No One can deny that there is an internal war in Colombia but it really doesn't affect the major cities and shouldn't be something that keeps you away anyway. Medellin is definitely my pick of where to live in Colombia. The city's history is pretty dark but its like the people said "Fuck this, We have hit rock bottom and we can't go any further, so let's use it" The city is innovative, creative, fun and inviting. The restaurants and bars are amazing and the culture is rich! My advice: Don't be an idiot. Be smart! Dont walk into a dark alleyway with all your valuables, dont go to extremely remote areas, if you haven't done your research and dont go prancing around the City Centre with your new smart phone in hand. Like they say here "Don't give Papaya" I translate it to mean - dont give someone the opportunity. Dont leave yourself vulnerable. over 2 years ago