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March 2017

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    What is the best overall shoe?

    I would definitely agree with goretex part piece on any shoe for somewhere like Ireland. I took a pair of goretex Salomon hiking boots with me as my only shoe for two months in England with plenty of hiking. They were wonderful! The only time my feet got wet was when I neglected to put my rain pants on as heavy rain came in. I have wider feet and found Salomon to fit me well. If you have strong ankles than you may not need a hiking boot, but I'd still recommend goretex. Depending on how much daily walking you'll be doing you might look into an insert with some extra arch support beyond the basic, which comes with every shoe (even hiking boots). Admittedly there is more lacing involved each time you go to put on hiking boots. If your pants can be worn outside your hiking boot to cover the top bit it won't look too out of place in town. almost 4 years ago