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Ryan Kalinowski

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January 2017

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    How safe is it for Western females to travel the Phillipines?

    Hi Sue, I am an American male so I do realize things are a little different being that I am a male but I spent the summer traveling the Philippines and did not feel worried for my safety at all. The kidnappings you mention are only in one area of the country on a few different islands that you will not be near so you do not have to worry about that. With the new president being as strict as he is crime is down a lot. I would say be sure not to do any drugs as that could put you in some serious trouble. I traveled through the Manila airport multiple times while I was there and never had any issues. I read about the "bullet scam" your referring to but that got so much media hype I do not see anything like that ever happening again. The airport is quick to get through and once your through there are numerous restaurants and shops to browse. As another commentor had mentioned if you have the time go and check out the city of Manila. It is very crowded but a wonderful place to explore. It gets a bad reputation but is completely safe if you stay in the safe cities within Manila. I would recommend visiting Makati as that is a very safe city. There is a ridiculous amount of traffic though so be sure to allow for plenty of time. The Banaue Rice Terraces are amazing. There is an overnight bus option that you catch in Manila and they leave around 10pm, you then arrive in Banaue around 6am the following day. I assume the bus ride may be a bit longer than usual as there was extensive road construction when I was there. In Banaue you are completely safe. You have to understand in these very remote locations where almost all of the towns income is based on tourism there is nothing to worry about. You will see numerous tourists wandering around the town and they actually have a "tourist center" where you can pick what you want to do in town. The pricing is also regulated so you do not have to worry about negotiations for the trips which is nice. Puerto Princesa is another location where you will see tourists everywhere. It is a purely tourism based city so again they try to keep it 100% safe. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at Rplllc@gmail.com over 2 years ago