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    Daily budget Nepal and India

    Tipping in Asia is not compulsory so depends on the quality of the service received and is generally a good idea particularly if you plan on going back to the same place again. If you decide on guided trekking, though, do budget tipping for porters as they are not paid very much ($2 per day tips are common, a higher rate is expected for the guides ). Generally, $50-$100 a day in Asia should cover activities and accommodation for 2 weeks trips. On a tighter budget , $20 a day for food (eating out) and local transport; you can still get by with less further from city centres; if your accommodation. Check online for hotel/hostel rates in the towns you plan on visiting and type of accommodation preferred but $10 in shared dorms should be of reasonable standard. There generally are more activity options and cheaper local operators once you're on the ground but check online for day tours and entrance fee rates to give you an idea of likely costs. Safe travel. about 4 years ago