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September 2016

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    Is WORLD NOMADS betrayed Latin Americans?

    I was about to post the same dissatisfaction with WN. Unfortunately by adjusting to local regulations (being backed by Zurich Seguros), WN becomes just another insurance company among hundreds in Brazil. The unique and different "status " that WN insurance usually possess no longer applies to the insurance that they sell in Brazil, which is a shame. For instance, I can no longer buy insurance for my laptop or smartphone. I called Zurich today to ask about this option and the consultant was clueless about this. Unfortunately I am pretty sure that Zurich Seguros will made the claim process really slow and painful ,aka "as bureaucratic as possible" to consumers. Before I would buy WN insurance in a heartbeat. I would never think twice because I know I was getting something good. Now I'm afraid that it will all be the same thing. about 4 years ago