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Indonesia Medan, Indonesia


February 2011

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    I have 2 weeks in Sumatra....what are the must dos? good ideas?

    Since you are arriving in Medan (my adopted hometown!) I suggest you head out to Bukit Lawang (3-4 hours by bus depending on traffic) and go visit the orangutans at the feeding platform. Lots of inns are nearby but my favourite is the Jungle Inn at the end of the path, just across the river from the orangutan area. From there you can head out to Lake Toba (five hours from Medan), which Siti has already mentioned. You can take a boat from Parapat to Samosir Island (1/2 an hour) and stay in Tuk Tuk. My favourite places are Tabo Cottages (more high end but well worth it), the Carolina or Samosir Cottages. The boat stops at all these places and you can just tell them where you want to go. The third place, only one hour from Medan is Brastagi, a small mountain town. You can go volcano trekking up Mt. Sibayak (only a couple of hours to the top) or Singabung (you need a good guide and should stay overnight). Most people stay in Medan only one or two nights, but I ended up staying...lived here almost five years! It's not the prettiest city, but it does have lots of good restaurants. To get around, better to take a Blue Bird taxi (metered and safe) to help get you around the city--also cheaper than a becak (motorized pedicab)...the drivers will see you are a tourist and try to rip you off. The Mesjid Raya is the beautiful mosque Siti mentioned, near the airport--there is a good little cafe right next to it, the Cafe Raya. Tip Top is another good restaurant, in Kesawan Square. Hope this helps! Have fun! about 9 years ago

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    I have filipina fiance.she went to indonesia and went back to philippines.what she need to do like visa for second time back to indonesia?

    Hi Anton, Will your wife stay home once you are married or will she get a job? You should apply now for her to have an "ikut suami" visa if she does not plan to work (easier and cheaper to get) or a Kitas work visa sponsored by her company if she will work in Indonesia. Both require much paperwork, so make sure your fiance has the proper documents for the visa before she leaves the Philippines. Check the Indonesian embassy for details. You must reapply for it every year she lives in Indonesia, but it is easier the next time. Sorry to say but I think she will have to get another two-month tourist visa to get back into Indonesia while you wait for your marriage. You may also have to marry before her tourist visa runs out or she will have to leave again. Hopefully you will have no "jam karet" with the papers and it will work out for you.I hope this helps. Best of luck! over 9 years ago

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