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February 2011

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    whats the best things to do in thailand for 3 weeks?

    If you are headed to Chiang Mai, visit the Night market, take a bicycle or walk around the city. ooh Definitely go to Chiang Rai, visit the White Palace, its exquisite. If you are going up north go to Pai and Mae Hon Song. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Mountains and small village towns. I have never seen so much of creativity in attracting tourists. Go bicycling or hire a bike and explore the town. Go up further to Mae Sai crossing the Burmese border or cross over to Laos. They do give the visa at the border crossing which is a bit further up. If you really want to go to the beaches, skip the commercial Phuket, and go to Krabi and Phaghan , and the surrounding beaches and islands. Far better and more fun and much more to explore!!! It's a life time experience. Do not spend too much time in Bangkok it will drain your sanctity out. Grand Palace is nice but much too over rated. Walking around the streets of Bangkok and exploring the city will give you far better joy. about 9 years ago