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April 2016

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    I am planning to travel Europe I wanna know all the details on how to get a visa?

    If you're a US citizen, google "Schengen Agreement" if you haven't already already -- very important to understand why you want to keep your stay to under 90 days (don't need a Visa for stays under 90 days)!. Just went through the process trying to get a tourist Visa for France (the country recommended by Rick Steves) -- my strong advice -- if you can, pick another country to get a Visa from unless you're in the DC area and can deal with the French Embassy directly -- the LA Consulate is a PIA and heard negative things about Florida. It's an extremely complicated process unless you're a student, going on a work assignment or a missionary. If you really want/need a Visa, post again and I'd be happy to give you some insight. I'm in Europe right now and plan on traveling here for the next nine months. It was worth the hassle but getting here wasn't easy. almost 4 years ago