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Richard Wolters

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April 2016

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    I am planning a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam through Bangkok.What is the best way to travel to see these 2 places without hassels

    Take a train from BKK to the Cambodian border(about $3.00) at the last stop take a tuk tuk to the border and go the the border office (AFTER) and I repeat AFTER you passed the Welcome to Cambodia Sign (other wise you end up at an office who gets you a visa for $30 which they buy next door for $20. Tahe a bus or share a cab to Siem Reap. After that take a bus to Phnom Phen and another to Saigon. If you have booked a hostel in district one (where you should go) get off the bus and ignore the taxis. Walk into a travelagent or shop and ask for directions- You will be within a few hundred meters of you hostel. If you get in a taxi they will get you there 20 minutes -merry go round drive ad charge you $15 for what is in reality a few hundred meters-- believe me - it happened---to me. (only the the first time though) over 3 years ago