Hilary Larson

Hilary Larson

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April 2016

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    We have 3+ weeks to drive the Pacific coast from Portland to as far as we can get, with detours to Crater Lake NP and Yosemite NP.

    Ah, my home country! (writing from Turkey right now...) From Portland, I would head east to Hood River for a day, then head south from there... the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood NP are spectacular--highlight; Trillium Lake, great for canoeing or taking a dip. If you go to central OR, also stop in Bend for a couple of nights. It's an outdoor lover's haven, and is home of several breweries including Deschutes craft beer. The drive to Crater Lake from there is only a couple of hours. I would strongly recommend this route over the OR coast, it will be more interesting, plus you have plenty of time to soak up the sun in the California beaches afterwards! over 4 years ago