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February 2011

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    what is the safety in Cairo if I want to visit pyramids?

    We were in Cairo on February 14. We hired a private driver to take us from the Sinai Peninsula. We had to go through a lot of military checkpoints before getting there, particularly just outside of Cairo, which made us a little nervous, but probably made things safer. During our drive through Cairo, and on the way to the airport the next day, we never saw any violence. People seemed to be going about their business the same as usual. I think that experience made my wife feel a lot more comfortable in spending some time outside the hotel room, and I was able to convince her to go to Islamic Cairo, which she had had some serious reservations about doing. Probably the most memorable experience that I had on that trip was when we walked around that area. We were greeted with a constant barrage of "Welcome to Egypt". People would come out of the coffee shops when they saw us and shake our hands. You could see that they were relieved to see that not everybody had abandoned their country. At the same time, though, I think it would be naive to think that the city is without risks. I'm just sharing my experience with you. almost 10 years ago

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    Any advice for two weeks in Vietnam?

    We did a two-week trip around northern Vietnam that we really enjoyed. Hanoi has some nice little neighborhoods to snoop around in, and you can take a great one-day trip out to the Perfume Pagoda from there (beautiful scenery!) Halong Bay is not to be missed. You can do a three-day trip there. I also highly recommend Hue and Hoi An. That would be about two weeks of traveling. over 8 years ago

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    Any tips on good camel tour operators in Jaisalmer, India? Heard most hotels try to book you on theirs but some better than others.

    We booked a camel safari through the Titanic Hotel in Jaisalmer that we were satisfied with. It was a two-day safari that went through some villages, and we spent the night at Sam Sand Dunes.Titanic is not that easy to find, but it's near the fort, and if you ask around, somebody will be able to point you to it.And if you're looking for a decent but cheap place to stay, that would be an option. almost 9 years ago