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February 2011

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    Do i need a visa to go to Fiji from 3rd June to 22nd?

    Definitely not for a short fiji trip :-) They give you a questioner to fill out when entering and exiting the country (nothing strenuous), but no visas needed. almost 10 years ago

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    Is it possible to arrange work before arriving in Australia...if so how easily?

    I can't really help when it comes to work with telstra, although I would consider applying at various "telstra shops" if you have good phone knowledge, and sales skills. I don't know how many call centres they are here? I am actually with telstra, but every time I've called, an indian answers, so I assume the call centres are abroad. Its much easier to get work in a primary school then a high school, so the age your partner teaches is perfect. I suggest looking more into the places you would rather live, then looking on seek.com.au or contacting local schools via email/phone. I know there are plenty of Primary Schools where I live here on the Sunshine Coast (about an hour from brisbane) if she can work in Private schools as well as public she has a high chance of getting employed, although I would still research and contact prior to coming. You sound very flexible with location, so I don't think finding employment will be a problerm. Have a look here: http://tiny.cc/TeachingOnSeek Good luck with the move :-) almost 10 years ago

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    What is meant by residence

    residence is the place you currently live permanently almost 10 years ago