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I am a snowboardteacher in winter and world-wanderer the rest of the year. Working abroad, writing about my travels and trying to see as much of the world as possible.

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Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands


January 2016

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    Rabies vaccination for Myanmar and Thaliand. Should I have it?

    Personally I travel everywhere without a Rabies vaccination. The thing is, you can get a vaccination but then when you get bit by any animal, you still need to see a doctor and get another one. So you might as well skip the first one, in my opinion. about 5 years ago

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    Where are the best trekking spots in Vietnam?

    In the northern mountains is a lot of nice trekking. Sapa is beautiful but it can be very full with tourists. Depending on where you are planning to go further, consider Pu Luong, Cao Bang, around Ba Be Lake and in Cuc Phuong National Park. about 5 years ago

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    Is it safe to travel to Italy in the coming months?

    I totally agree with the two who answered before me. Ofcourse you cannot be 100% sure but the Italian police force is very good and well-organized, they check wherever they can and if there is ever any doubt, they will close off stuff. Italy is wonderful, especially in early spring, so have fun!! about 5 years ago