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September 2015

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    Is it safe to travel to manila, philippines by yourself as a girl? Is the city worth a visit?

    The thing to remember about the phils , especially those of us from Europe is the availability of firearms in the phils. a drunken argument in a bar in the london or berlin the worst scenario is a black eye and bruises or that you might get knifed depending on how bad the area your in. but you don't have the same ability to size up up areas and people as you wound at home or in the western parts of the world. so learn to be diplomatic and bite your tongue some times its better to walk away even if it hurts your pride. local knowledge and friends are important on nights out the can spot the danger signs long before you can,, that said , i have never had any problems in the phils. just use your brains and don't make yourself look like a target . wear a money belt . keep a small amount in your pockets. dont walk around like your lost even if you are,(walk with purpose)but most of all have fun . pinoys are lovely warm kind people who like to help the fellow human beings , ps i have been to bohol and cebu about 4 years ago