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February 2011

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    Oi. Is it necessary to bargain with taxi driver in brasil or they have a meter? Obrigada

    In Brazil, they have a meter ("taxímetro"), and the previous answers are right, you should generally stick to that. Companies or Cooperatives are safer and will give you the correct price (by taximeter). Search the WWW for "Taxi & Cooperativa & (name of city)" and you should get some numbers to call. If you travel with luggage, they can charge you some 5R$ to 10R$ extra, or expect a tip from you. Bargaining the taxi price is not common in Brazil. This said, in some cities, such as Belém, if you know the usual price for a certain route well, you can try to bargain, offering 75% of the taximeter price -- some drivers will accept at least 80%, 85% or 90% of the normal price. But ask lokals whether that is usual in the place where you are staying, in most cities (Rio, São Paulo, Salvador) this will not be accepted, in particular not from strangers. almost 9 years ago

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    Plan to go to the soccer world cup in Brazil in 2014 we intend hiring a Camper Van, what areas should we avoid and what areas are a must?

    It is difficult to answer. Of course you have more flexibility with a van, but indeed, there are many places that you would better avoid. I would not enter big cities like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo with a van, and especially avoid the huge slum areas (favelas) around any larger city. The only possible places I could think of are the smaller towns, especially close to beaches between the states of São Paulo and Bahia or even more up north. Paraty at the coast between Rio and São Paulo is particularly nice, and possibly doable with a van. Travelling from there to other major cities, however, is a lot of driving (Brasilia 1300km, Salvador da Bahia 1900km), and indeed, the roads are not great, and you will have to choose carefully where to stay over night. If you never visited Brazil and do not have a local with you, I would definitievely not do that. I have lived more than 10 years in Brazil and have a good feeling for where it could be dangerous, and where not, and I still would not do a trip with a van, because I would always have a problem where to park it, especially over night. over 7 years ago

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    How strict is Brazil with regards to proof of return travel documents?

    This depends very much from where you come from. Brazil follows a strict policy of equality -- as your country treats Brazilians, so will Brazil treat people from your country. So if you are for instance from the US, and the US require a return ticket or other sound proof that you indeed will continue your journey, then Brazil will probably require similar proof from you. Showing a bus ticket or a Hotel reservation or an invitation for some other country within three months after your planned entry to Brazil will hopefully help. Showing a flight back into your country of origin, even from another LA country, within a reasonable time-frame after your planned entry to Brazil might also be valid. You best ask your closest Brazilian embassy, or even better the embassy of your country in Brazil. over 7 years ago