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Laura Wagner

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May 2015

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    Best restaurants and eateries? Mid to low budget but happy to fork out once or twice for the trip

    The Shake Shack in Madison Sq. park has a fantastic burger at a very reasonable price. It's also Anthony Bourdain endorsed. over 5 years ago

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    When they say "plus tolls" for airport transfers I assume that means I pay the driver at the end and not at the toll booth, right?

    That is correct. Taxis are equipped with the EZ-Pass meters to get through the tolls quickly. When you finally reach your destination the driver will say flat rate of $45, plus toll of $X, you owe me $45+X. over 5 years ago

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    Setting myself up in Canada

    Banks - If you do most of your banking online, Tangerine would be the way to go. There are no fees, but also only about 5 proper branch locations across the country. But they are owned by Scotiabank and you can use any of their ATM's free of charge. Mobile/Cell - depends on where you live. Wind Mobile is incredible, but they are still slowly building their infrastructure and outside of major areas reception is almost non-existent. But they are constantly putting up towers and expanding. Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Service Canada office. search their website for a location finder. Job website - The hottest one right now seems to be over 5 years ago