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April 2015

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    How safe is it to travel alone around Philippines?

    I go all over the PI manila bukidnon everywhere and it's ok just don't be stupid and be nice to people with a smile not money. I carry about 2-3000 p and that's will last about a week or more. Some people may try to rip me off but I just smile and walk away or just act like I don't understand them. But the Philippine people are ok. I never had to go hand to hand combat with anyone there. Rule # 1 think before you talk. # 2 be nice. # 3 don't be stupid. # 4 Don't pull your money out in public where people can see go to the restroom to do this not to many people hang out in there and its privet. 2000 p is not to much money and you can always go to the ATM or bank to get more. Have fun enjoy your trip!! The American from Bukidnon. over 4 years ago