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January 2011

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    I'm traveling to Mendoza, Argentina in May but I will have 5 days in Buenos Aires. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to see/do?

    There are a lot of old churches and historical buildings around the centre of Beunos Aires and I usually don`t find them all that interesting but some are spectacular and well worth the look . There is a tourist bus service that takes in a lot of the sights and they run in a loop , so you can get on and off where ever and when ever you like . I don`t know if it is football season at the moment , but watching a game live at the stadium is not to be missed . The atmosphere is great and the locals are very passionate about their national game . Get a cheap seat with the locals if you are game . The subway system is pretty good and I just get on one train and get off anywhere and look around . The restuarants are very good but I hope you like meat , as there is a lot to be had in most places and not much else . Most people do not eat until late , 8 or 9 oclock and even later on the weekends . Have fun over 9 years ago

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    Has anyone travel south america alone by bus? How safe is it? Is there a web site where you can book the buses?

    I spent 7 months in South America last year ( april to october ) and travelled mostly by bus . As long as you travel with the best bus companies , you should not have any problems apart from the odd sexist remark by a local . Just ignore them . Take warm clothes as most of the bus drivers have the aircon on max . Make sure they have a toilet that works . Always pay the extra for 1st class if they have one , and take lots of snacks and drinks . Happy travelling over 9 years ago

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    Heading to Tasmania for my honeymoon, any ideas of what to do and look at while there?

    Don`t forget Tasmania has 2 seasons , winter and February . Take suitable clothes as the weather can change very quickly . And be carefull in Devonport , it is a very redneck town . Be prepared to be stared at. There is nothing to do or see there , so there is no reason to stay . The rest of the island has some charm . But don`t forget , what time is it in Tasmania ? 1980 . over 9 years ago