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I'm a 24 year old Italian girl, I travel on any occasion I get, and while I love my country, and have yet to find one that's as awesome, my wanderlust is a big living thing that's pushed me far far away from home


March 2015

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    Where are the cheapest eats in Milan/Florence/Rome?

    I've been to all of them and the cheapest, and frankly best, eating is done away from the main touristic areas. Look for small shops (often with very few seats or no tables at all) and bars, with many Italians (you'll recognize us, don't worry: well dressed, loud, and in Rome and Florence BIG accent, not difficult) and either ask for a meal of the day "piatto del giorno", which is usually some kind of pasta the cook is a genius at making, or if you find yourself in a bakery tell them to make a costumer's favorite or an owner's favorite, "faccia lei" (= you choose) often produces the best sandwich ever, and away from the touristy places you can have that for 3 or 4€ at most. Personal advice: smile a lot, treat yourself to a glass of local wine, and if you don't understand the language do not be shy about pointing (even at your neighbors' plate) 'cause we aren't. I hope you enjoy your time in Italy! over 5 years ago