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Edward R

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March 2015

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    What is the best Mayan ruin to see while staying in Riviera Maya? We would like to be able to climb it.

    Ek Balaam. Not a lot of visitors. It has a peacefulness not unlike Angkor Wat. Visit mid-afternoon when all the buses are gone. You can still climb this although it is quite steep. It's just north of Valladolid, a quiet town with some beautiful Spanish architecture and a town square. Tulum is ruins--literally--but it's beside the ocean and that's it's selling point.. There's a new highway running from the north end of Playa Del Carmen, a toll road costing 250 pesos, a boring drive but it's 110kph and gets you to Valadolid in an hour or so. Have fun. over 5 years ago