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I LOVE TO TRAVEL! #travellife
I have spent the past 10 years living out of suitcases and wandering around
I have been to Mexico over 10 times and currently live in Puerto Vallarta 6 months out of the year. I have lived in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Canada. Travelled to France, Germany&Poland

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United States Sarasota, United States


February 2015

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    We are going to Peurta Vallarta. We have been advised to take cash in US dollars. It does not seem safe. Suggestions.

    I travel to PV allot. I always bring a large amount of cash. You can exchange up to $300.00 per day per person at Banorte you must bring a photo copy of your passport every time. There exchange is always the best and they never charge a fee. Lately it has been at about14.3 to 14.5. The bank machine you can withdraw cash on your debit/credit card but keep in mind you will be charged on both ends. The use in Mexico about $50 pesos and the foreign fee on the american side plus exchange. I keep the credit card for emergency situation only or for big purchases at stores. Most restaurants do not take credit cards. almost 6 years ago