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February 2015

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    Is it safe to travel to manila, philippines by yourself as a girl? Is the city worth a visit?

    I lived there for seven years and I would say it's not safe to travel alone at night, even for a local person. Most Filipinos are gentlemen and will be very polite and accommodating. Still, some areas are full of pimps, folks selling you fake watches, beggars, and pickpockets. Even if you stay in the touristic spots, the red light district is one street away. Find a friend who will travel with you. Fellow travellers can also refer some local people who can help you find a proper place to stay and how to go about. I helped a friend to travel through Metro Manila and he had a "quick immersion," travelling by jeepney, MRT, LRT, and tricycle. I felt confident to do this cuz he's been to different parts of Asia, Africa and South America - nothing pretty much surprises him. If your are this adventurous, find a local travel partner so they can show how people get around (not just by taxi... some drivers can cheat you). I agree with the others here that Manila is not the best city to visit in my country. It is polluted and overpopulated; the streets are extremely dirty. Still, there's always a way if you're really determined to do so. over 4 years ago