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January 2015

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    What are the places to see in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and how many days should I plan to visit and in which season?

    I've been out there twice in recent years, it is such a unique experience and so different from mainland India. firstly the permit is for 30 days only and shouldn't be overstayed.So in my opinion you shouldn't try to squeeze to much in.A good plan would be to visit Havelock Island first, maybe for a few days to settle into island life. then leaving from Port Blair take the bus up through the main islands along the trunk road. head for Smith Island for a taste of total paradise, a snorkel and flipper set is a must!.If you end up stuck in Port Blair for any reason take a day trip over to Chiria Tapu. infrastructure and accommodation is basic at times so just go with the flow and things will work out how it was meant to.ENJOY,! over 5 years ago