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Anthony Marsh

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December 2014

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    Which island in Greece is best for a spiritual retreat? ie. Meditation, yoga, relaxation, etc

    Hello Jen, as Panos Fotiadis says, Milos is pretty quiet and has some beautiful uncrowded places. I don't know all the Greek islands, just a few of the Cycladic islands. I was in Tinos this September, it's a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox catholic Greeks, and few tourists go there. It also has some beautiful and quiet places (we lliked the bay of Panormos, the area around Volax, the walk up to the old castle on Exobourgo, the village and hillsides of Kardiani,....) I don't know about finding institutions on these islands that do yoga or meditation classes, there really aren't a lot of people there outside of summer. Bon voyage. - Tony. about 5 years ago