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December 2014

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    What's the best way to get from Sapa to Halong Bay?

    From Sapa to Halong Bay, you should travel with the schedule below: Move from Sapa to Hanoi by train, and then travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay by bus/car. It takes about 4 hours to travel from Hanoi to Halong by bus). Besides, If you want to travel around Vietnam or Indochina also, let's get reference in my articles over 5 years ago

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    Is it ok to draw/paint images of the monks in Laos and other areas?

    Of course yes, you CAN. people here are very friendly. If you want to hunt cheap ticket to explore Indochina area, Let's take an overiew in my experience : over 5 years ago

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    safety in cambodia for solo female traveler

    In my oppinion, travelling in Indochina countries is more safety than Europe because I feel that people here are good- natured and friendly. Of course there are many advices to avoid crime rate such as do not going out too late, do not wear jewerry, etc If you want to know how to have budget solo travel, let's visit my blog over 5 years ago