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January 2011

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    How safe is it to travel alone around Philippines?

    Boracay has way less crime, Palawan is real nice , manila and cebu both have bad high crime areas to avoid, take taxis that you get from your hotel security and text them to come pick you up later, I the day time you are safe almost anywhere in the Philippines. about 9 years ago

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    where is the best tourist spot in the philippines?

    Apo island in the south is real cool nature wise. about 9 years ago

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    How safe is Manila?

    Philippines is very safe in the daytime almost everywhere, If I were a single woman I would take taxis that my hotel called for me and once you find a good driver text them for rides, Philippines is safer than the America, but as a foreigner you have a targret on you for the bad people. about 9 years ago