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December 2014

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    Is it worth it to get a 2 month youth Eurail pass?

    Some do it also with a bus ticket, for example Eurolines. Don't forget you're are definitely more comfy in a train than a bus. I took the Interrail for a month and did 10 countries. I spent some nights in hostels and other with couchsurfing. If you like a city - like I did with Berlin and stayed 5 days - you should think about it. I really loved interrail because I was TOTALLY FREE! Also, you can reservate night trains but you have to pay a small amount of money. But at least, you don't waste any day. almost 5 years ago

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    Dinner in Geneva

    Hi Emily! If you like meat, roar, well-done or else, I can highly recommand you "Le Relais de l'Entrecôte". They have only one dish: twice a beef entrecôte with fries and homemade sauce. It's about 40.- per person but you wouldn't regret afterwards. It is near the main bus stop "Rive" (buses 2,6,7,10 and tram 12). You don't need any reservation. Actually they don't take any. It is so famous they always know someone is going to show up ;) almost 5 years ago

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    What is the easiest and cheapest (yet safe) way to travel between countries in Europe?

    - Hitchhikking: almost free, but no guarantee of safety - Carpooling internet site: cheap but the guy can cancel for no reason and if you are in a hurry, it could be annoying - Trains and buses: They are really cheap in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary and else) - Trains in Western Europe are really awesome with the Eurorail Pass. Just check on the internet the prices. Because in Switzerland without that pass you would kill your wallet in two days ;) almost 5 years ago