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January 2011

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    What are the best ways to travel on the trans-siberian express?

    You can buy a ticket from I would take advantage of stopping off at certain places and taking time out from the train.There are some amazing and remote places to visit. Always helps if you have a russian speaker when booking the tickets, you can get cheaper ones according to the time of day you travel, but if you go for whole ride without exiting then of course it doesn't make much difference. The visa issue can be tricky too.. if you stay on the train there is no 'place' to register make sure you are covered The accommodation is basic but bearable.Have to wash in the toilet with just a sink, but there is always an urn of hot water available in each wagon.. so bring things that can be used like bowls etc and a thermos Bring your own food, Get snacks from the station stops or the odd treat from the ladies who look after each wagon. People come on at various times and are always trying to sell you stuff too The whole train stays on Moscow time so don't be fooled by no time change and the businesses on board run on Moscow time too. so if there is a food serving car it will operate on Moscow time so you might get breakfast in the middle of the night I've always enjoyed my time on the train but 50 hours was the longest consecutive trip I've been on. Always an assortment of travellers with much time on their hands so usually interesting folk to meet. They can change quite often as you get closer to the bigger cities..You get to find out the codes of behaviour depending on who shares your compartment, usually set up for 4. . I love it, but also appreciate a form of transport that allows you to lie down. almost 10 years ago