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July 2014

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    Headed to Croatia with a friend- Which is a more exciting destination; Zagreb or Dubrovnik?

    Since this is a 2 years old question, a lot has been changed. Okey, Dubrovnik stayed on top, most gorgeous city not only in Croatia, maybe in whole world by some suggestions of world tourist magazines. But as a local, I don't like visiting Dubrovnik in period June-July-August-September, It's crowded with tourists mostly from many cruiser liners ankered in a bay. Also prices are higher in Dubrovnik (at least twice) then in the rest of Croatia so be prepared and warned! And as Jolene said it just doesn't feel authentic. I would rather aim for Croatian islands, more remote-it's better, but that's me. And you feel have relaxed vacation. But again if it's not some summer festival you could ask yourself where are all the people, but biggest and most popular islands (Cres, Pag (there is popular "beach Zrce" known as Croatian Ibiza but avoid that!), Krk, Hvar (very expensive!), Brac). In the same time capital of Croatia Zagreb has, touristicaly, risen up. Hostels are opening, and you can easily find a place to sleep for not much as 15euros/night in the peak of season. Because here we don't have such thing as a peak of season! ;o) There are lot of open social activies around, full of people wherever and whenever (summer/winter) you go. During summer very popular destination to hang up in Zagreb is STROSSMARTRE just few meters from famous Church of St. Marko. More info about Zagreb and day/night activities you can find here: Hope this was helpful! Enjoy your stay in Croatia! over 6 years ago