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I have been pursuing my dream of traveling for the past 4 years. I have been to 41 countries so far. I have worked as a teacher, sailor and chef. I have a passion for adventure, cultures, people, and nature. I love to write and to take photos. My only plan is to continue to expand my horizons.

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Ecuador Galapagos, Ecuador


April 2014

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    where is red fort in india ?

    Are you looking for the Amber Fort? If so, It's in Jaipur, Rajasthan. You can hire a tuk tuk for the day and he will take you there and to several other sites. Well worth the 4$ :) Enjoy! over 6 years ago

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    is it safe to walk in the Old City of Quito during the day without a guide?

    It's safe with out a guide. There are plenty of tourist police nowadays as the government is striving to keep the area safe and pleasant for tourists. Like the other answers say, watch out for petty pick pockets, as in all big cities. Don't hike up to the Virgin Statue alone. You are better off to take a taxi. It's a beautiful area! enjoy :) over 6 years ago

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    How do I get to Panama from Colombia? Cheapest but safe. By boat?

    Take a sail boat! Just make sure you research the boat and the captain before you jump on board. take a look at the sleeping quarters and the general condition of the boat. don't pay more than 200$ either! It's a beautiful journey through the San Blas islands. There are heaps of boats doing this route, you will easily find something that suits you. over 6 years ago