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Michael B

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March 2014

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    What's the best way to keep your passport on you when travelling in a hot country and going to beach areas?

    We have always carried a photocopy of our passports on us in a zip lock Baggie and left the passport in the hotel safe. No problems so far. almost 7 years ago

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    Want to drive from Vancouver in August to Calgary which way would be best and what is there to see along the way?

    The highlight of this trip is the Rogers Pass from Revelstoke to Golden then on to Banff and Lake Louise. Stop often, explore and enjoy. There is a photo op around every bend. If you stop at Three Valley Gap enjoy the Enchanted Forest but do not swim in the lake there are little nasties living in the water that will leave you covered in hundreds of painful bites. Trust me I found out the hard way. It can get cold at night late in August around Banff. If you plan on staying in that area for any time bring an extra jacket. Enjoy! It is a beautiful part of the world. almost 7 years ago

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    Hotel in Tuscany

    Try VRBO. Vacation rental by owner. We stayed in various apartments and B n B's for three weeks and loved it. Not staying in a hotel lets you feel a part of the city you are in. This may not be for everyone but we truly enjoyed being "Italian" for three weeks. almost 7 years ago