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March 2014

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    Is it safe in India? What precautions should I take?

    In India Following Precautions should take: Do's and Don'ts for independent travel in India DO Ask your hotel or guesthouse to book a taxi or auto-rickshaw for transfers to bus and rail stations, especially after dark. Use the pre-paid taxi counters at airports and pay up for smarter air-conditioned vehicles. Even if you don't have a hotel booked, behave as if you do. Ask to be dropped off somewhere in particular and take it from there. Make sure your room has a proper bolt on the inside of the door. I used to travel with a rubber doorstop to foil intruders. Delhi seems to have a growing problem with Eve-teasing so use the women-only carriage on the metro and walk with purpose. Stay off the street after dark. Take a taxi or rickshaw to a restaurant as Indian women do. DON'T Wear skimpy or revealing clothing. This includes strappy tops, long see-through cotton skirts (regarded as underwear by Indians) and shorts or cut-off trousers. A long tunic over loose trousers is recommended. Be too friendly with men who approach you at tourist sights or with hotel staff. Instead strike up conversations with the women. Even on trains it is rare to see an Indian woman talk to a strange man unless she is with her husband. Confront staring Indian males. It is seen as a come-on. Instead avert your eyes down and away. This signals that you have no interest in further interaction. Accept alcoholic drinks from strangers. Indian women rarely drink in public - even in hotel bars - so beware any man who invites you to do so. Walk in the countryside on your own. If you must, always have a mobile to hand and a speed-dial number to call for help. Use it - even to make a fake call - as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable. For more about Travel Please visit us : http://www.bespokeindiaholidays.com/ about 6 years ago

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    Is bespoke tailoring popular in india? Any good places to buy eg salwar kameez?

    Yes bespoke tailoring is very popular in India and you must go on Mumbai to buy salwar kameez about 6 years ago