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    How long would it take to visit paris and enjoy properly without rushing things.

    There are different ways to explore Paris, personally to fully explores I recommend 5 days and to spend them focusing on Paris top attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. In 5 Days you can see with ease The Must Sees in a classical Paris Itinerary. These classic sites certainly have a lot to offer and if this is your first or second visit to Paris then a classic route is a great option for you. I suggest you see how you can use a 4 Day Paris Pass card to see the best that Paris has to offer in 5 days. It will take you through Paris famous landmarks, attractions and museums such as the Louvre Museum, The Eiffel and the Notre Dame. It ensures you have some relaxation time on the Seine and in Paris famous parks and gardens. The planning will take into consideration the fact that Paris Pass card holders skip most of the infamous long lines, which means that you can actually do and see more. Now Paris Pass holders can enjoy live music and a glass of Champagne every Friday evening from 25th April to 27th June starting at 7pm - what better way to see the city ( Additionally the Paris Pass includes •Sightseeing with the Paris Pass with free admission to over 60 attractions you can •Choose from a 2, 4 or 6-day Paris Pass •Free use of public transport •Skip the line entrance to Paris' most famous attractions, including the Louvre Museum, Musée d'Orsay and Arc de Triomphe and Centre Pompidou •FREE entry to Paris' best attractions including, Musée Grévin and Tour Montparnasse Tower •Special offers at restaurants and shops •Free map of Paris I also have a number of hotel recommendations and my friend Bertrand is a certified professional tour guide and has been leading tours in Paris since 2009. After graduating in political sciences and communication, he has decided to embrace his passion: sharing his hometown, Paris! Bertrand speaks 3 languages and he is a big foodie! His affiliation is found at - I hope this helps. over 6 years ago

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    Hotels in Paris

    Here's a list of 0-3 star hotels ranging in price from 72 to 350 euros a night. For the most part they all rate from 3.0-4.5 rated, they are divided by districts: 1st (2.5 stars) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th (2.5) (2.5) 6th… (apartment) (not rated yet) (2.5) 7th (2 adjoining rooms) 8th 9th (2.5) 10th 11th (2.5) 12th (2.5) 13th over 6 years ago

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    I am a first-time solo female traveler and I want to plan a 4-month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and New Zealand. What do I need?

    Well for starters I would recommend this comprehensive website at I would also recommend travel insurance and another website I also recommend reading what others have learned and shared here: over 6 years ago