Winnifred Cozijn

Winnifred Cozijn

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January 2014

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    Heading to northern Italy at the end of the month and I'm looking for some hikes, walks, secret beautiful landscapes for photography. Thanks

    I don't know how far north you intend to go but we run a small B&B in the village of Polinago, about an hour out of Modena and in the Apennines facing Mt Cimone (2165 mtrs and about 40 minute drive). Stunning unspoilt area, only tourists you may find are Italian, lots of Sentieri (ancient paths) to walk, and secrets to discover. The photographic opportunities are unbelievable throughout the whole area. Have a look at; which has a large photo file of the area. However, it is still cold and will possibly be snowing, pity you can't come a little later like April/May. Enjoy your visit wherever you may go, if you have any further questions, happy to answer them. over 5 years ago