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December 2010

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    What are some of the vegetarian friendly dishes I can try in Budapest?

    Try to ask for a vegetarian pörkölt. It's like a stew, Hungarian style, and often comes vegetarian, just ask. Another typical, though decadent, dish is breaded and fried Camembert cheese. There are also a number of vegetarian restaurants that are very popular in Budapest now, like Govinda Etterem. But I take it you are looking for specifically Hungarian vegetarian dishes? over 9 years ago

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    Going to Phnom Penh for a vacation. What should I not miss doing as a tourist?

    There are also several interesting markets to check out -- the usual tourist destinations of the Central Market and Russian Market are fun, but for a more unusual (and hectic) experience try the O'russey market. There are some other good bars and restaurants at St. 272 (off 51). The Master Suki Soup on top of the Sorya mall has a great view and is fun for a meal. You could also try the Nagaworld casino complex or one of the fancy hotel buffets. Don't miss some great cheap massages. I also highly recommend a day trip out to Phnom Tamao - the wildlife sanctuary. You will see amazing animals very close, including tigers and loads of bears, and it's a great cause. Almost all of the animals have been rescued from traffickers. (And they do a lot with little money.) almost 9 years ago

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    Good eating places in Long Beach area near L.A.? also, nice but modest place to stay? Tnx, Bruce

    Can't resist the opportunity to plug my parents' awesome bakery! It's in San Pedro, a quick trip over the bridge. And you can check out L.A.'s port and San Pedro's quaint downtown. http://www.mishisstrudel.com They've got really great food, especially strudel! almost 9 years ago