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Reside in Canada-Have also traveled many miles in Asia. Love the streets the hustle the bustle. Amazing food, inviting cultural people just something about Asia makes you feel so alive! Favourite traveled countries to date - India, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia.


December 2013

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    Do I need malaria tablets travelling in Laos and Vietnam?

    If you plan to sleep outside and are in extremely rural areas. Most traveled areas are safe and I chose not to take them, because the side effects seemed extremely harsh for such a low risk for the traveling I had planned :) It's an amazing county enjoy!!!! almost 7 years ago

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    Good budget for a 6 month trip around SE Asia?

    Depends on what countries and where you will be located...also time of season...( high or low) Also how much luxury your looking for lol I would say $50 a day is decent :) but you can roughly/adventurously survive on $10-25 with little to no amenities and just local cuisine :) almost 7 years ago

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    What are my accommodation options in El Nido, Palawan Island, Philippines?

    Like on a private island or just on the main ? Most accommodations were $50 and up a night when I was there.... It's beautiful :) Enjoy almost 7 years ago